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Vision and Core Value

SEHA is practicing the core values of respect, attentiveness, optimization, cooperation, substantial management and social responsibility.
Based on SEHA’s mission statement which states, “We think about people and environment first then add continuous value to contribute to develop life enriching social development, we are focusing our practices in HR development (organizational culture improvement), strengthening marketing, acquiring quality and production cost advantage, and Strengthening core competencies to become, “Hidden Champion leading the Duplex Board industry by year.”

SEHA Core Value

1. Respect, Attentiveness : Achieve mutual respect and attentiveness with all stakeholders including the organization and clients.

2. Total Optimization, Cooperation : All decision making related to operation strive for total optimization and generate outcomes through cooperation.

3. Substantial Management : Strive to be Hidden Champion by maximizing effects using limited internal resources(HR, technology, capital etc.) through careful selection and concentration.

4. Social Responsibility : Acquire quality and service competitiveness and overcome industrial limitations to contribute to the industry and social development.


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