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Greetings From The CEO

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  • Adding values to precious paper
    A happy cohabitation of mankind and nature
    This is the green world SEHA dreams of
  • Pushing the limits in paper technology for a beautiful world. We are realizing that dream.
  • With accumulated technologies over the years in domestic paperboard industry,
    SEHA is exporting to 20 different countries and have been approved for its excellence. Detailed analysis and insights are implemented to develop superior quality products in the midst of radically changing market environment to continue the practices of recycled production and systematic environmental management such as establishing energy-efficient infrastructure etc. We will make you proud of the name SEHA through paper spectrums from durable industrial papers, to intricate and deep-colored premium printing papers.
  • Based on stable financials, we are focusing our capabilities in the paper industry toshape the future of the industry.
  • Since the change in major shareholder to PEF, an operation managed by UAMCO,
    SEHA has acquired financial stability and have been focusing on facility investment etc.
    to focus our full capabilities into paper business. The energy project will
    be incrementing the corporate values through efficient management of the investment.
  • We dream of an abundant life for mankind and nature.
  • SEHA has proclaimed its competitive drive sources from social harmony and
    co-existence between man and nature and continue our efforts and
    Concerns to sustain environmental friendly management by reducing
    the use of pulp wood, reusing recyclable paper and recycling energy.
    Also, through various social contribution programs to practice environmental
    protection and neighborly love, we will lead the world to bring an abundant
    life for mankind and nature.
  • We do ask you for your interest and support in SEHA’s leap forward into the future.
  • Thank you.

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